The Innkeeper

Greetings and Welcome to The Inn at Bath!

The Dream

When I was about ten years old, my friend Karen and I found a stand of boysenberry bushes loaded with berries, and decided to bring some home to bake a pie. Fortunately, her mom was patient and allowed us free reign in the kitchen. That was when I fell in love with all things cooking and baking. Later, when I graduated from a rigorous culinary training program developed by French chef and cookbook author, Madeleine Kamman, the kernel of a dream sprouted in me – to own a bed and breakfast and to be an innkeeper.

I always thought I would embark on that journey “sometime around retirement”, and then suddenly in 2017 I found myself at that exact moment. The search for the perfect inn began! It was a long journey, but along the way I stopped to attend a three-month Master Chef program at The Italian Culinary Institute in Calabria, Italy, where I ate an awful lot of really good food and marveled at the low price of really good wine.

The Search

I looked at inns up and down the East Coast, from Bar Harbor to Cape Charles, VA. I looked at existing properties and beautiful old homes that wanted to be inns. Having spent a lot of time in Midcoast Maine, I was enamored of the beauty and cultural heritage of the area. One person, in the more southern reaches of my search, commented “Maine?! That’s so far north the people are friendly again!” This is where I wanted to call home!

I wanted my Inn be in a beautiful old house located within walking distance of a fun and energetic downtown. The town needed to be on the water, and the community needed to be diverse and rich in food culture. Enter The Inn at Bath. Beautiful old house? Check. Walking distance to a fabulous downtown? Check! On the water, diverse community, rich food culture? Check, check, check!

The Muse

As an Innkeeper with culinary training, many years of experience managing events, and a lifelong passion for cooking and local food sources, The Inn at Bath is the perfect venue for my muse. I hope it will be the perfect place for your simple weekend getaway or your gathering of family and friends in celebration of a cherished moment.

I look forward to welcoming you to The Inn at Bath!
Jacqueline Pierce, Locavore and Innkeeper

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