July Covid Update from Elizabeth at the Inn at Bath-

 We are continuing to clean, clean, garden, walk, clean some more, and disinfect. Constantly.  We are rethinking all procedures here at the Inn at Bath and adapting as needed to best keep all of us healthy and comfortable.  Safe.

We are now taking a limited number of reservations for June and beyond.  As of Friday, July 3rd,  guests  from Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, New York and New Jersey may come without a Covid test or 2 week quarantine.

If you are coming from anywhere except ME, NH, VT, CT, NY ,NJ  you will have to have already quarantined in Maine for 2 weeks or you will need to have had a negative Covid test within 72 hours prior to your arrival time.  Testing result times vary from almost immediate where you wait in your car to get results, to 24 hours to 7-10 days.  Find one of the quick ones, and be sure it is not the antibody test.

Prior to booking we must talk about any traveling that you have been doing, any fevers or symptoms you have had, and whether you have been using a mask when out in the world and if you are willing to wear one here when in public spaces.  Wearing a mask when you are around others  in Maine is not optional.  We take walks with them in our pockets, putting them on if we come upon others in close proximity.  We put them on before entering any building.  Most likely we will have only two or three rooms at a time, and we will need to be flexible about distancing guests from one another.  If you are a group of people wanting to rent multiple rooms for the same time frame, call me.  That might prove to be the best way to visit a B&B at the moment.

And don’t fret, you may make a reservation and not worry about cancelling.  As many of you know, I have always been flexible with our cancellation policy, only asking that you keep me posted should you, your parent or a loved one fall ill and cause you to cancel your stay with us.  I will certainly apply this to the current situation as well.  Again, let me know as soon as you decide to change your plans, but there will not be a charge should you do so.

The weather is delightful; we are truly in Summertime mode.  And for once I am spending lots of time in the gardens which are looking pretty lush these days!

Bath stores are reopening, some by appointment, others waiting outside and entering a few at a time.  There is more seating of restaurants outside and lots of curbside pickup as well.  There is less traffic on the streets and lots of people walking, distancing themselves from other, stopping to look at gardens and speak to friends and neighbors.  I find myself liking the slower pace we seem to have adopted.

I am putting a hold on on-line bookings; there are just too many variables that we need to discuss.  (And those of you who know me know I am not a real fan of  reservations on-line.)  So, if you are thinking about/hoping to come to Maine in the near or distant future, or you just want to check in, give me a call or send me an e-mail.  It will be great to talk to you!