Hello from Elizabeth at the Inn at Bath-

I am writing to let you know that I am still at the helm of the Inn at Bath and I am taking reservations for the upcoming seasons.

We are continuing to clean, clean, clean, and disinfect. Constantly.  We are rethinking all procedures here at the Inn at Bath and adapting as needed to best keep all of us healthy and comfortable.  Safe.

To that end, for the immediate future, I need you to call me at 207-443-4294 if you are coming to Bath to visit or check on family members.  I will be open to one booking at a time so we don’t need to worry about guests sharing common areas.  I will block off the rest of the rooms when you have booked your time here.  Please plan to stay 2 or more nights.  This procedure will apply through March 31st and I will update this as the pandemic situation changes.

And don’t fret, you may make a reservation and not worry about cancelling.  As many of you know, I have always been flexible with our cancellation policy, only asking that you keep me posted should you, your parent or a loved one fall ill and cause you to cancel your stay with us.  I will certainly apply this to the current situation as well.  Again, let me know as soon as you decide to change your plans, but there will not be a charge should you do so.

We have had a mild winter, snow is all but gone, and spring is in the air. (I’ve probably just brought on a dump of snow for saying this).  I’m sleeping with my window open and the smell of earth and renewal wafting into the room.  Not all bad, eh?  We are a hearty group up here in Maine, and forever practical.

If you are thinking about/hoping to come to Maine in the near or distant future, or you just want to check in and say ‘Hey!’, give me a call.


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