Maine Antique Stores

Do you share my love for things of times past?  Does your heart go pitter-pat when you see a trinket, a table setting, or even a garment from long ago?  Are you one to walk into an antique store that is organized, well-curated, with items thoughtfully placed?  Or are you a lover of the sort, rifle-through and hunt?  Well, I can say from experience that the Maine antique stores in both Bath and mid-coast area to suit both!

Right here in downtown Bath, Maine, we have a delightful Maine antique store called J’adore Consignment.  Owner Becky curates vintage pieces for the home, as well as some great consignment fashions for women and men, and even jewelry. While you are sauntering downtown, an easy walk or bike ride from the Inn, this is a sure place to stop.

Mid-coast Maine Antique Stores

Further up Highway 1, in Brunswick, Maine, just about 10 minutes from Bath, Maine, is Cabot Mill Antiques.  This is a large warehouse with multiple vendors.  Here you will find some great furniture pieces that are in good-to-great shape, as well as select smaller pieces.  In the same building is the Brunswick Waterfront Flea Market on Saturdays and Sundays.  This is the place where your hunting and sorting skills will come in handy!  In this market, each vendor is there with their wares to answer questions and give suggestions.  Also in Brunswick, is Magpie On Maine, a fun mix of antiques, vintage, and brand new items for your home.  Don’t forget to check out their bargain basement! 

Maine antiques

Ready to venture north for more Maine antique stores?  In the nearby town of Wiscasset, ME about 10 minutes from Bath, Maine,  you’ll find Wiscasset Antique Mall, a sprawling red house that seems to grow bigger as you wander through, with both upper and lower floors.  The city of Freeport, ME, about halfway between Portland and Bath, you’ll find several antique and thrift stores tucked in around the outlet stores.  When you’re ready to head north on Highway 1, you’ll find Thomaston Place Auction Galleries, Inc., for those who are truly committed to a great find and are willing to plan ahead!

I have discovered that, when traveling the midcoast of Maine along Highway 1,  each cute town, small city, or village, is only 10 minutes from the next.  And each beautiful location provides a few places where the antique hunter can find something great, that you probably weren’t looking for, but can’t live without!  So, make the Inn at Bath,  in Bath, Maine your starting point, and venture out from here.  Happy hunting!