The Chocolate Church Arts Center, was originally constructed in 1847 as the Central Church.  In 1977 it became the arts center that everyone now knows and loves. The CCAC hosts live performances, art gallery exhibits, theatre, comedy, workshops and lectures.  It is truly a work of love for the community and by the community.  

You might think the CCAC is quiet during the winter, but there are so many events and performances lined up over the next few months.  I am hoping to soon see a modern ballet, and I’m looking forward to a Celtic musical performance.   There’s also a current exhibit by a weaving artist.  And, if you feel the beat, there is a Resounding Rhythms Workshop for West African Drumming.

Year-round visitors will find diversity, breadth of art and appeal at the Chocolate Church Arts Center, where there is truly something for everyone.  The CCAC is located just a few blocks from The Inn at Bath, making the Inn an ideal location for visitors catching a show at the Center. While strolling to the CCAC be sure to stop and take a great selfie in the gazebo at the park!

Learn More About the Chocolate Church Arts Center on their website at and view their 2024 full season of events HERE!

Chocolate Church Arts Center

Video, embedded via YouTube share button. Thank you CCAC!