We are so lucky here in Bath, “The City of Ships” , to have the wonderful Maine Maritime Museum!  I went for the first time while my family was visiting.  It’s the kind of museum where we all got something out of it and enjoyed it.  It was a very foggy day, so the sculpture of the fore, aft, and center masts of the Wyoming were beautifully eerie. 

Part of the museum is in a main, central building with exhibits that are permanent and changing.  There are enough ship models to make any enthusiast happy.  There are also some hands-on for busy kids and adults.  Outside, there is a shop where the wood work would have been done, a blacksmith’s shop, an area for the storage and display of historic small craft, even a “Pirate’s” ship and seasonal picnic area.  However, what really got my dad’s attention was another building that housed the history of Bath Iron Works (BIW) BIW: Building America’s Navy.  The videos and displays here really spoke to his former military days.  The blacksmith’s shop was a big hit with my adult sons. As a former teacher, I loved the exhibit SEACHANGE: Darkness and Light in the Gulf of Maine. It was beautiful, as well as informative, with all the faux seaweed hanging from the ceiling.  The exhibit INTO THE LANTERN: A Lighthouse Experience, had a section where you could feel like you were in the lighthouse tower, along with a description of the job and life of the lighthouse keeper.  Innkeeper is definitely way more fun! 

The Maine Maritime Museum enjoys a beautiful setting right on the river. I can see how families might spend time here in warmer weather, and why so many couples choose this location for their wedding memories.  It’s a place that really connects with so many people and children.  If you stay at The Inn at Bath, please ask me for discounted coupons to the Maine Maritime Museum